About Us

Eddie Cosgrove SJ is a 34 year old Jesuit scholastic of the Irish province, currently studying philosophy at Heythrop College (University of London). From Leitrim in Ireland, Eddie worked as a civil engineer for a number of years in Dublin. Before joining the Society in 2007 he took some time out to volunteer with the Jesuits in social outreach programmes, and also to complete an MA in Applied Christian Spirituality. His academic interests include spirituality and social justice.  Other interests include hill-walking, squash, aikido, novels, and the occasional pint with friends.

Stefan Garcia SJ is 29 and a Jesuit of the British Province. Stefan teaches English at an Ursuline school in Georgetown Guyana, where he also helps run the school's journalism and environmentalism clubs. In 2011, he  completed his MSc in Anthropology, Environment and Development at University College London.  Stefan loves painting, theatre and cinema going, singing, dancing the chachacha, reading and writing comic books with his nerd friends, novels, rocking out and generally  being out of doors swimming, horseback riding, bird watching, and scuba diving.

Philip Harrison SJ is a 28 year old Jesuit currently studying for a degree in philosophy at Heythrop College (University of London). Before joining the Jesuits he worked as a volunteer with the homeless on the streets of Glasgow and with people with learning disabilities in Liverpool. His other interests are in literature which he studied at the University of Leeds.

Kensy Joseph SJ is a 31-year-old Kuwaiti-Indian Jesuit. A member of the British Province, he is currently assistant chaplain and teacher of religion and philosophy at a Jesuit comprehensive in Ireland. Before entering the Society, Kensy studied computer science and engineering and worked in consulting and banking. In his free time, he likes to play chess, read or watch science fiction and talk philosophy.

John Duhyun Kim (김두현) SJ is a 32 year old Jesuit from Korean Province.  After his regency in Cambodia, he is currently studying Bachelor of Divinity at Heythrop College, University of London. He was born in Singapore, and lived in South Korea and Kuwait for some years. His family then moved to Sydney, Australia where he studied Architecture at University of Sydney before joining the Society in 2002. Photography comes as one of his greater passion while he enjoys watching movies and travelling. He also loves some good game of basketball and football with his friends when time and opportunity arises.

Samuel Overloop SJ is 29-year old Flemish (North-Belgian) Jesuit. He is currently pursuing an MA in Philosophy at Heythrop College, London. Before joining the Jesuits he spent some years in Rome. There he studied theology in the Casa Balthasar and read Classical Philology at the Sapienza. In his spare time Samuel likes to put on his walking boots and explore the English countryside. He loves conversation and it is his wide experience that serious talk best happens over a pot of ale. Besides that, he has a passion for literature and most sports played with a ball.