Wednesday, 23 February 2011

breaking of a new day

As six of us open up this new blog, it reminds me of the very day I traveled more than 20 hours to come to London.

On my way to London, I couldn't get myself to sleep on the over-night flight. Among many things that were occupying my sleepless mind was this sense of excitement and anticipation as well as sense of anxiety and fear. These feelings were coming over one thing; uncertainty of what the unknown future holds.

These seemingly contradicting feelings seemed to be provoked by this uncertainty of moving into an unknown place; people, cuture, language, a place to call home, food, weather... Either those be new or strange; new friends or another strange people, new home or strange place to dwell...

At one point, I slid the window blind open and found this amazing and beautiful dusk over the clouds. Dark night was slowly fading away as a new day was breaking. And also was a new chapter of my life. I couldn't help but feel sense of awe and calmness looking at the breathtaking spectacle of dusk. Then, this sense of hope and warmth was filling my heart. That is, all will be well, whatever comes and wherever I go, because you will always be walking this journey of life with me.

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