Monday, 11 July 2011

South-American Experience Part III

This post is the last of three parts and consists of a reflection I wrote just after a three month stay in the interior of Guyana, South-America.

The most life-giving and energizing experience of my time in South-America was the participation in the daily life of the village. From a simple lifestyle consisting in drawing water from a well, eating at candle light and showering with a bucket to establishing friendships and taking part in the joys and difficulties of the people. One day I even participated at the digging of a well!

Looking back at my time in South-America I think I learned what it means in practice to follow Jesus in the concrete service to his people. Moreover, the experience of working as a Jesuit and the companionship that I shared with my fellow Jesuit made me desire more than ever to be part of the Society of Jesus. I hope that many more young people will discover this desire in their hearts.

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