Wednesday, 20 April 2011

a comma

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During my visit to San Estaban in Salamanca last summer, I saw this beautiful light coming down through a window and landing softly on the floor just in front of me as I was walking up one of the stairs. It was as if inviting me to stop and pause for a moment, just to take a little break from the long day.

I think these little pauses are very important in our lives, especially in the spiritual sense. And recently, I have found some similarities between a pause in life and a comma in a sentence. (This reflection may most likely be due to the heavy loads of essay writing for the last term, as a person speaking English as a second language) Firstly, a comma gives a moment to breathe so that you can go on reading especially in case of a long sentence. More significantly, it connects different parts of a sentence and while doing so, it has a subtle yet important role of rendering the meaning of the sentence. When it is used properly and appropriately, a sentence seems to find the intended meaning and have the ordered structure.

So, have you put a comma in your sentence called ‘today’? :)

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