Friday, 6 April 2012

Way of the Cross: Fifth Station

Simon of Cyrene carries the cross

V. We adore you, O Christ and praise you.
R. Because by Your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.


From the Passion according to Mark
And [the soldiers] conscript a certain passer-by, Simon, a Cyrenean coming in from the country side, the father of Alexander and Rufus, to carry his cross. And they take him to the place Golgotha, which when it is translated is ‘Place of the Skull’.


Poor Simon. He was only in Jerusalem because of the great feast, probably to finish up some business. Suddenly he finds himself trapped with a stranger’s cross. And he wasn’t even a Jew! But he is generous, he does not complain. Do you know someone who has been generous with you, helped you carry your own cross?


Jesus, our Saviour, you gave Simon of Cyrene the unexpected grace of helping you in your saving work. Sometimes it is a burden for us to help someone else carry their cross. We are reluctant to help because it takes time out of our own concerns. Give us the generosity you gave Simon, the opportunity to help our brothers and sisters in need.


All: Our Father …
Can the human heart refrain
From partaking in her pain,
In that Mother's pain untold?
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